Leticia: where the dolphins can sing

Leticia: where the dolphins can sing

Leticia is the gate to the Colombian jungle. Because of its location –  the city can be found in the remote southeast corner of the country – it is easy to forget, but skipping it out of your roundtrip equals missing heaven on earth.


One of the most remarkable inhabitants of the Colombian Amazon is the pink river dolphin. This special creature – that can only be find in this part if the world – goes also by the name; Orinoco-dolphin. Local tribes think the Orinoco-dolphin has the ability to sing like a goddess.  Its magical powers does not stop there; the mammal can also change into a beautiful woman. A femme fatale so to say, because the goal of the transformation is to take fishermen to the bottom of the river.You are warned!


To get to tropical Leticia – around 40.000 people life in the Amazon city – you need to take a two hour flight from Bogotá. Leticia is a real gateway to the jungle, because you can book there a trip to the monkey-island, go birdwatching, take a nightsafari or meet with the local tribes. If you have done all that, you can go kayaking on the Yahuarcaca lakes.


For sure you can find a hotel in Leticia, but to really sleep within nature you can book a room in Ecolodge Palmari on the Yavari river in Brazil. A 5 hour boat trip takes you there. Located on the same river is Ecolodge Heliconia, called after the famous local flower.

Need to know

According to travel organisation De Una (a Colombian-based company runned by Dutch people) yellow fever vacinations are needed to travel to Leticia. Without a proof of vaccination you cannot leave the airport of Letiticia at arrival. Malaria medicins are nog mandatory, but can be needed.

Best travel time: the dry season is from July to December.

Visa: if you decide to travel down the river into Brazil, please check if you visa allows it,